Equity Protector Insurance


Real Estate Investors

To Report a Claim, contact Vanguard Adjusters Group, Inc.

  1. Email: claims@vanguardclaims.com
  2. Phone: (800) 561-8464
  3. Fax: (800) 440-9189

When reporting a claim, please include the following information:

  1. Vanguard Client Name: Prospect General Insurance Agency
  2. Named Insured
  3. Policy Number
  4. Date of Loss
  5. Location information
  6. Certificate of Insurance (provided at time of binder)
  7. Official Loss Reports (fire, policy, etc.)
  8. Accord Certificate of Loss (if available)

Flood Guard

Insurance Company is Palomar Specialty Insurance Company

Claim Administration is Handled By York Risk Services Group

Report a Claim

Please include the following information when reporting a loss:

  • Policy number
  • Name of the person insured on the policy
  • All phone numbers for the insured and any designated representatives
  • The date, time and location of the loss or damage
  • Description of the loss and damage (If multiple buildings are insured under one policy, specify which building is damaged and the specific address listed on the policy)
  • Location where damaged property can be inspected, if it has been moved from the insured location
  • A contact name and phone number for the person reporting the claim

Please contact York Risk Services Group at 866-391-9675 with any concerns or questions.